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U.S. Patents 6,998,092

Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibition

US Patent Issued on February 14, 2006




No. 11018732 filed on 2004-12-21


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A methods for inhibiting silica scale formation and corrosion in aqueous systems where soluble silica (SiO2) can be maintained at residuals below 200 mg/L, but more preferably maintained at greater than 200 mg/L as SiO2, without silica scale and with control of deposition of source water silica accumulations as high as 4000 mg/L (cycled accumulation) from evaporation and concentration of source water. The methods of the present invention also provide highly effective inhibition of corrosion for carbon steel, copper, copper alloy, and stainless steel alloys. The methods of the present invention comprise pretreatment removal of hardness ions from the makeup source water, maintenance of electrical conductivity, and elevating the pH level of the aqueous environment. Thereafter, specified water chemistry residual ranges are maintained in the aqueous system to achieve inhibition of scale and corrosion.

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Current US Class

422/3 , Process control in response to analysis 159/47.1 , PROCESSES 203/10 , WATER PURIFICATION ONLY 210/652 , Hyperfiltration (e.g., reverse osmosis, etc.) 210/687 , Calcium or magnesium (e.g., hardness, water softening, etc.) 210/696 , Preventing, decreasing, or delaying precipitation, coagulation or flocculation 422/13 , Aqueous alkali environment (i.e., pH £ 4.1) 422/14 Essentially pure water environment

US Patent References

    Silica scale inhibition
    Issued on: January 11, 1994
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    Issued on: April 4, 1995
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