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The Technology

Which allows you to use domestic supply, well waters with high Silica, or most importantly we can use waste effluent on either gray, municipal or food waste (with TSS control)



New Patented Technology for Cooling Tower Treatment and Water Conservation

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“New Dimension” cooling technology permits operation at high TDS / Zero Liquid Discharge

“State of Art” Corrosion & Scale Inhibition at 10-100,000 TDS tower water

Water use reduction and cost savings without acid, scale or corrosion risks

Four corrosion and scale inhibition patents

It doesn't get any greener, this technology uses natural chemistry in the source water


How WCTI Technology Works

Proprietary pre-conditioning system removes scale forming ions from tower make-up

Permits unlimited makeup water concentrations (10-100 COC)

Silica concentrates without deposition (200 - 800 Mg/L soluble silica)

Silica chemistry protects metals from high TDS corrosion

High TDS prohibits bio & pathogen growth


WCTI Technology Benefits

Typically reduces total treatment cost by 50%

Ideal corrosion protection (<0.2 MPY for steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum)

Non-toxic chemistry and / or eliminate discharge

No chemical handling & storage

Reduced testing and operator time

Ideal for high silica or reuse (wastewater) makeup waters

Eliminates “bleed & feed” water wastage and chemical costs


Application Experience

Nine years of application and evaluation

Customers include Industrial, Food, and Commercial/Institutional systems.

System metals tested include mild steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless.

Cooling towers include Marley, BAC, Evapco, Delta, others.


Program Implementation

Survey design capacity, load, water quality

Proposal / water savings comparison

Purchase & install pre-treat system

Monthly flat fee for method use and service

Pre-treat start-up and program transition

Performance monitoring & reporting


Pre-conditioning Systems

Proprietary design; salt use 4#/ft3 resin

30-50% lower salt use, 65% lower regeneration of waste water

Polished quality with minimum hardness ion leakage

Dual units for continuous treated supply

Preventive maintenance program

Economical design & simple operation